Friday 23 August 2013

New Look, New Aims

 So you may have noticed that I have had a fiddle about with a few things on my blog. Sometimes it's nice to change things about and make them more interesting again don't you think?
 I've added a counter to the sidebar tracking our savings for our first home. It's going to take us a lot of work, saving and sacrifice but inspired by the wonder people over Our New Life we have decided to try.
 We are starting out with some inheritance money I received from my grandmother and aiming for a £25,000 deposit. A mountainous amount but will will power and clever thinking I just know we can do it!

 The only rule we are setting ourselves is to add to it every single day - even if it's only a penny.
Today I am starting strong and have found 7p in the washing machine so that's now in a jam jar labelled house fund. We will add it into our saving account at the end of every week when we do our other banking.

So watch this space for lots of money saving, money making and penny stretching in the near future.
My plans for the day are to finish sewing up some knitting I was commissioned to do. £20 will be winging it's way to the house fund shortly.

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  1. Good luck with your savings goals! How exciting. And I love the new look :)

  2. I wish you all the best with this- it can be done I know I did it. We started in 1993 saving hard and by 1996 we had a 25% deposit saved towards a house. We have lived carefully but fully since then, had a child. survived two redundancies and seen our salaries drop by loads and loads. We still paid off our mortgage in 2011 despite all these challenges! I remember the first ever thing we started off by doing was taking a packed lunch to work instead of buying sarnies. The internet with all its fantastic frugal tips made the experience a whole lot easier!

    1. Thank you Aril that's really inspiring!
      I think it's going to be the only way a lot of people are going to ever afford a home but most people don't seem to care enough about saving hard and want to keep going out.

      x x

  3. This is a delight to read xxxx well done and keep going xxx


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