Saturday 24 August 2013

From Trash to Toy

 I've been getting creative today thinking about how we can save a few more pennies here there and everywhere. I'm trying to find a reuse for as much as possible before it leaves the house. A few things excluded! (Nappies especially, yuck!)
 I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest for something useful to do with baking trays and ended up here on this page. I love the idea of travel board games when the girls are a bit older but I need a more toddler friendly version for now.
 I cut out pictures from a very well loved PP magazine and glued them to some old magnets from a takeaway company (twice they have sent out magnets and then changed their number!). I also cut out an unused sticker scene page from the same magazine, attaching it to the tray with a dab of glue. And voila!
 One upcycled tray ready for playing with in the car. And when it gets to grubby, or DD just gets bored I can change the background and the pictures on the magnets (or make more as my psychic senses are telling me).

 Hours of fun, and not a penny spent. Well done me I think!

X x X

P.S - Cleaned out my handbag today and added another £1.60 to the house fund.

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