Friday, 16 August 2013

And it continued!

 Short post from me today. After all our hassle yesterday with the shop we felt it had been an awful day, then we got a phone call from SIL concerned about a relative of OH's who had missed a family do. OH zoomed over in the car to check on him but sadly it was to late.
  This chap was something of a father figure for OH and his sisters so there is a major feeling of loss here at the moment.
 I will resume blogging when I can but need to concentrate on my helping my husband and family through their loss first.

 Prayers would be very welcome for them all.




  1. Sarah , I am truly sorry to hear this news-on top of yesterday's disaster at the shop, this is a double whammy. You are all in my thoughts and prayers right now xx

  2. Oh Sarah how very sad! What a truly terrible day.
    I will be thinking about you all xx


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