Saturday 10 August 2013

It be Pirate Day....Yarrrrr!

 Today be Pirate Day according to Pirate Princess DD so there you arrrrrr! (Sorry!)
  We start off with reading a book all about Pirates called Pirateology.
 While out exploring the seven seas (or popping to the shops) we spotted this Pirate ring cake and just new it was a sign from Davy Jones himself that this was indeed Pirate Day.
Once home we made Pirate hats from our scrap paper pile and decorated it with silver skulls and cross bones.

We are now watching a pirate film together while Baby D naps, soon to be followed with walking the plank (having a bath). And finally I have just downloaded this for are afternoon/night time story. 
 Sometimes it's just so much fun having a theme day.
What theme would you choose for your day?


  1. looks like a fun day, i think we had that book ,is there a pop up ship ?

    wish mine were small again so could have a theme day.....Romans I think :)

    1. The book does have a lovely pop up ship, I'm looking out for other books in the series Dragonology espceccially.

      Romans would be a great theme! You could wear togas, eat roman food, watch a roman movie, make laurel hats. I think I will bear that in mind :)


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