Friday 11 June 2021



 I'm finding this whole new normal stuff quite tough. After so many months of having my husband and children surrounding me almost constantly they are suddenly gone for long stretches of time. I've been spoiled with always having a spare pair or hands nearby when I needed a new packet of wet wipes or could you just pass me the ....

 The parent and baby groups haven't resumed yet and there's a sense when you leave the house that you have to be fast and efficent rather than loiter too long in any one place. I even feel uncomfortable being in the park with the smallest two for more than 5 or 10 minutes. It's an odd feeling that I can't seem to shake. 

 I'm sure I'll adjust eventually, in the meantime I'm trying to be kind to myself with little treats and rewards. Today for example I splurged a whole £2 on 6 little cross stitch kits to stitch during the long light evenings and quiet few moments whilst everyone in the house is content.

  The photo is of the one I plan to start this evening whilst sat on the sofa beside my husband. 



  1. you're not alone in feeling unsettled as things start to return to 'normal', someone i know has told me they feel quite overwhelmed by all the friends and family who want to meet up after the long months of just being at home with her husband, hopefully we will all soon readjust but for now you're doing the right thing in being kind to yourself, everyone needs a few treats now and then, take care xx

  2. I'm in the same state. I really don't want to mix very much. I had a picnic lunch with a friend today (just 45 minutes, her lunch break)and that was quite enough for one day.


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