Monday 28 June 2021

Barmy offers


 I thought the current 5 for £5 offer looked good when i passed by yesterday. I thought I'd treat the children to it tonight, i was wrong.

 Me; Can you tell me where the £5 offer is please?

 Shop Worker (SW); It's over there but you can't buy one.

Me; Why?

SW; We've run out of garlic bread and we aren't allowed to substitute it.

Me; Can't you sell it without the garlic bread?

SW; No, we're not allowed.

Me; So everything has to sit in the freezer until you get more garlic bread in?

SW; Yes.

 😂 How ridiculous! 


  1. It's barmy. I went into a BHS cafe (when they still existed) and there was a breakfast offer on "hot bacon&tomato rolls plus hot drink" So I ordered that, and as the girl prepared it, I said "don't put the tomato in, as I shan't eat it" She then rang up my bill, and I said "that's 50p too much“ to be told" No, you have a BACON roll there, and that isn't in the offer "

  2. my local co op let me have their own brand bag of peas with the last £5 deal as the birds eye ones had run out, their rules should be consistent throughout all stores x


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