Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Struggling along

I'm getting very fed up with anything and everything at the moment. The news, social media, my own family and today I even cussed at a packet of microwave popcorn that dared to fall out of my kitchen cupboard on me. I'd of made a sailor blush 🙊.

Hubby suggested I take a little waddle over to Home Bargains for some fresh air. I was pleased to see they had some plants in stock for the first time in a while. These Begonias were only £1.29 so I treated myself.

I've used them to fill the gaps in the dinosaur safari tower. I'd lost a few pansy and a single geranium in the hot weather. There was a single Begonia left so I've popped into a terracotta pot for my bedroom window. 

Over the past few days my husband has been helping to clear his late grandfathers house. He's been very well behaved considering his hoarding tendencies and double checking if I'd like things before arriving home with lots of bits. We've inherited some bits of garden furniture and useful things like planters and hanging baskets.
He also grabbed some flower vases for me to look through. I've kept 3 of the 5 and offered the remaining two on a local freebie facebook page.

We've also inherited a few plants and shrubs. One of which was a large planter of House Leeks. I've split them into single heads and replanted the extra ones to offer tk friends and family. They are one of those lovely succulents that rapidly spread to fill whatever container they are in so there is more than enough to go around. 

We've been trying to get the children out regularly for exercise though it's mostly me slowing everyone down now. I've got just enough waddle power to get us to the local newsagent for a ice cold slushie 😋 Baby bump is dropping now though so those days could be over shortly as things get more uncomfortable. I'm 34weeks and change so hopefully the end is in sight.

X x X

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  1. Goodness. I stopped at four. All under 5 at one point. You are brave. x


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