Saturday, 13 June 2020

Mystery projects

DH went back to work today. I wasn't to worried for him as he has two days of setting up his store and training his staff before facing the dreaded public. The two woman he was working with today are both mums themselves so have been mostly living the same way we have all this time, so I'd like to think they were all at equal risk levels in the shop today.
Rather than sit at home fretting, which while I'm very good at it is utterly useless, I remembered the sensai like advice of Ilona from Life after Money.
She recommends switching off the social media and news reports and burying yourself in more creative pursuits.
I found a mysterious bag of knitted squares and hearts in the craft cupboard and pulled them out for some easy entertainment.

My first thought was a cushion cover. I had a cushion pad that was slightly smaller than the 9 blocks and I thought it would make a cheerful design for Baby W's bed. 

Alas, when I started sewing the squares together poor Baby W took great offence! I was well an truly told off in toddlerspeak and she scooped them all up to hide with under the dining table. For most of the afternoon she sat under there happily stacking and unstacking them all and making little arrangements of her own.
I didn't get them back till bedtime!

By the morning I had the squares all sewn together and by lunch time all the hearts were attached with some blanket stitches.
Baby W eventually gave her approval but only after a good tug to see if they'd come apart again 😂.
Most of the afternoon the cushion cover went missing as Baby W decided it was a lovely little blanket and sat on it and under it wherever she went.

So now it's bedtime again and I'm adding a 20 stitch garter boarder around the edges to turn it into a more toddler sized blanket. I'm not sure how far around I'll get before it goes off on adventures tomorrow but hopefully at least halfway will be achievable. 
 I just wonder what it's going to end up being by tomorrow night! 🤔

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  1. I can see why she was attracted to it, nice bright colours and the tiny hearts. Great idea to turn it into a blanket.


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