Monday, 15 June 2020


It's been one of those days folks.
A bunk bed that was supposed to be delivered today, didn't arrive.
One of the children, apparently the mysterious invisible 5th one I've never met sneaked a boxed of cereal to my bedroom and had a feast on my bed!
There have been so many fights over Shopkins I'm very tempted to collect them all up and bin them. 
I cooked a meal that no one really liked and ended up using most of the bread supplies switching it for beans on toast.
I dropped a bottle of fabric softner and the lid flew off, spilling softner everywhere!
Hubby has had a frustrating day a work.
Ive had heartburn all day from drinking water which is just ridiculous.
Gman managed to brush his teeth AND get toothpaste in his hair so needed a shower and hair wash just before bedtime.

Its enough to drive you loopy isn't it?
I'm busting out some stashed bath treats from Mothers Day and wallowing in the bath this evening with my book. Goodness help anyone who tries to interrupt. I think i may eat them! 

X x X

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