Wednesday 8 January 2020

Where's it gone?

I've been on a mission today. The children have requested pancakes instead of dinner this evening, I will happily eat pancakes 24/7 so I was quite happy to agree. 
But we have no squirty cream. And it is in no way acceptable to serve pancakes without it, at least in this household. 
So I popped into town to get some. I looked in all the shops I could think of but couldn't find a single can of squirty cream! Where have they all gone? Did they sell out over Christmas? Were they all recalled? 
On the way home I checked a few more obscure places but still nothing! 
I am going to need to prepare myself for a battle. Wish me luck.

X x X


  1. Oh yum. I love pancakes too. A good dollop of chocolate spread and a squirt of squirty cream.... bliss

  2. I enjoy reading your blog about your lovely family. I often make pancakes and we have lemon juice with sugar sprinkled over or jam and cream. By myself I eat them up with peanut butter or vegemite on. I hope you track your cream down otherwise whipped cream might do, or fruit and ice cream. My grandson likes ice cream with maple syrup. At the pan cake parlour they have savoury ones with mince steak and tomato sauce. Best wishes nana from down undber


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