Wednesday 22 January 2020

Busy as a Bee

I don't think I've paused for longer than two minutes today. It's not been a bad day, just one of those that has flowed from one task to the next.
First as always was the school run. I checked the lost property box this morning and found both of yesterday's missing sandwich boxes. One had been cleaned out and washed by I assume whoever accidentally took it home yesterday. The other was left as it was.
Then I popped into town to get DD1 something for her lips. I've opted for a little tub of Vaseline. Poor DD1 her lips gets so dry and sore in winter. 😔
Then I popped to one of the many hairdressers to find someone to cut the children's hair this week. The first wanted to charge £12 per child
 Even 1year old Baby W! I tried a few more and found a friendly independent hairdressers who said she'd usually charge £6 each but as we want 4 haircuts she'd only charge £5 each! 
I booked her on the spot. Baby W had hers done then and there. It didn't go down well but with a biscuit for a distraction we got there in the end. 
The other 3 will be shipped straight after school.

Once home I whipped up 1 large and 2 small lasagne and a batch of chocolate cornflake cakes. Dinner can be reheated and served as needed this evening.
I finished cooking just in time for the Gas man to arrive for our annual boiler test. And he left just in time for the second school run.

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  1. I used to get very dry sore lips in winter. My neighbour suggested I might be dehydrated so I double my fluid intake and it has made a huge difference


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