Monday 27 January 2020

Scrapstore Haul for January

 I love the Scrap store. It's a shop of the weird and wonderful, full of crafting inspiration and glimmers of creative ideas. I could happily live there I think.
Today's haul contained;
Tiny cardboard squares.
Purple and pink netting offcuts.
Red sticky backed vinyl.
2 plastic discs.

Lots of sheets of gold, red and pink paper and card.

Chinese New Year decorations.

A mixed bag of fun fur scraps.

A large bag of mixed lengths of black, brown and orange yarn. 

I can't wait to get experimenting and crafting with this little lot. 

X x X


  1. I envy you in a nice way. I would love one of these but we don't have any down here.

  2. My brother manages a Scrap Store. I wish we had one round here.


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