Friday 3 January 2020

Out and About

It's all go at Spurrier house today.
First the morning was spent washing everyone's hair and carefully combing for headlice 🤦‍♀️ Everyone was drenched in an over night treatment so hopefully we've stopped it in it's tracks.
I'll be obsessively checking everyone for a while though.
After all that fuss and nonsense they children all needed a good run outside in the fresh air. So I popped to Home Bargains to buy a cheap picnic (£12) while DH loaded them all into the car.  By 1pm we were eating sausage rolls on a picnic bench and watching the tigers at Marwell zoo. After a few hours of running up and down hills plus an epic game of hide and seek in the main playground everyone was suitably out of energy.
On the way home we popped to Asda for a cheap and easy tea of Pizza. We were just in time for the fresh cream cakes to be reduced to we grabbed 2 boxes of split fingers for dessert too.
By the exit was a display of clearance George items. Mostly half price Pudsey pajamas but on the bottom row partially hidden was a lots of children's slippers reduced to a measly £1.
We managed to find pairs to fit 3 of the 4 and as you see above they were all very eager to climb into new cozy slippers. 
Once everyone is in bed I will dig out my trusty permanent marker pen and initial them all to stop fights.

All in all it's been a rather good day.

X x X


  1. Those slippers were a real bargain... and we all love a good bargain.

  2. Oh the joys of head lice. We went through 6 months of misery with our daughter when she was around 11 or 12. We ended up putting vaseline all over her head and putting a shower cap on her overnight. It killed the lice but she walked around with greasy looking hair for a couple of weeks until we could get her hair back to normal!!

  3. Very productive. We are outside today for the last day of the holidays. Hot chocolate will be needed :)


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