Monday 4 November 2019

Last day of half term

The oldest three are back to school tomorrow. Despite the wet soggy weather I feel like we've made the best of the time together.
We've managed several trips out to free activities such as the library and local museum.

We also took advantage of our season tickets to the zoo and were gifted tickets to a local theme park. 
I attended a Bring and Take event where I picked a River Cottage book I needed for my collection and two large bags of clothing for myself and the children.
We were gifted 2 large bags of girls clothes for Baby W from a family friend.
 I also saved money by making caramel apples rather than buying them from the supermarket.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to getting everyone out of the house so I  can give it a good clean and organizing without interruptions or children under my feet.
 It's amazing what one woman can achieve when she isn't interrupted for drinks and snacks constantly 😂

X x X 

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