Monday 25 November 2019

It's been hectic!

It's been a crazy few days at Spurrier house. 
DD1 was hugging a friend in the playground, they did that horrible thing where they stand up under your chin, DD1 took a hefty bite to the tongue. Poor thing was pretty miserable for 48 hours.  However yesterday she managed to eat a gigantic carvery dinner without complaint so its definitely on the mend.

DD2 spent most of Wednesday night in the bathroom with a tummy bug. She had Thursday and Friday off school which threw a few plans off but she's been okay this weekend. She's back at school with her bestie today.

Gman has been the best of the bunch. This morning there was a reading cafe session at school. Gman enjoyed reading with Daddy and eating a scary amount of biscuits.

Baby W is teething. It's one of the nasty ones at the back, so there's a lot of dribbling going on. She's also suffering from a really sore nappy rash which isn't making life feel any better for her.

And finally Hubby and I have just found out some news that might mean some big changes coming our way in 2020. We can't say too much yet but watch this space. 😁

Phew! I think i need a cuppa or maybe some Gin?

X x X

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  1. Full sympathy for DD1 - I recently developed a lovely big ulcer on my tongue from accidentally biting it. In exactly the same spot! Tummy bugs aren't fun either, nor is teething. Hooray that G-man is okay. Sending care and huggles, Michelle in Wellington, NZ


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