Tuesday 5 November 2019

Bin Gate!

Around Easter we started to notice a big change in one of our next door neighbours. The lady that lived there isn't overly known as being a jolly friendly type. It started with tutting noises over the fence when my children were playing in the garden and escalated over time to her slamming her rear door shut with loud mutters of "for gawds sake!" Every time my children entered our back garden. 
There have been incidences over the summer when my little herd of children had a water fight and her windows were getting splashed over the fence 😱 and accusing us of throwing half eaten food over our back fence into the alley way behind our homes. (The idea of leftover food with 4 hungry children is hilarious!) It turned out to be a fox taking food there to eat but only after they set up hidden cameras to catch us in the act.
 Now the Bible tells us to love thy neighbour, so that's what I did. Every Monday when i return from the school run I put her wheely bins, food waste bin and glass bin neatly back in her garden. Occasionally she is home first and puts it away herself but 9 times out of 10 its me. Several times I've spotted her watching me do it from the window. I've done this now for about 5 or 6 months. 
On Halloween we were both in our front gardens decorating for trick or treaters. Her husband nudged her and looked pointedly at me.
"Oh, i meant to say thank you for bringing our bins in. I wondered who was doing it all this time," she muttered before scurrying back indoors. 
It felt like a victory!
Today I've come home from a shopping trip to find my bin has been shoved through my gate into the centre of the garden path. It wasn't  neat or done properly but it's a start.
 I think that's a second victory to me. 

My mum always taught me to kill with kindness.
Wha ha ha ha!

X x X


  1. Good for you. I always prefer turning the other cheek, kindness or even Setting a Good Example!
    It pretty much always works over time.

  2. Best way always. There is no answer to kindness other than thank you which you grudgingly got!

  3. I think that is a definite victory.

  4. Well done! I wonder how she'd respond to a home made Christmas card created by your talented brood. Donald Trump could learn a lot from you about building good neighbourliness


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