Thursday 7 November 2019

Cheap and tasty dinner

Not to outdone by my bargain finding yesterday DH arrived home with a 10p loaf of bread and 3 bags of spuds for 5p each! 

I had planned to make a garlic mushroom pasta type dish but changed it to bread pizza and peri-peri potatoes. 
The tempeture is already dropping this evening so pizza is good comfort food.
I used half a punnet of mushrooms, 1/2 tin of pineapple rings and ham for the topping.
The leftover mushrooms have been chopped up and frozen in one of the recycled fishcake trays. 
I've made jelly to set over night to eat with the leftover pineapples rings.
Tomorrows dinner will need to use more mushrooms and potatoes up.

I spent the afternoon making origami decorations from a wallpaper samples book. I'm thinking of making some into garlands and leaving some as individual hanging decorations. Hopefully they will prove popular at an up coming christmas stall we're hosting soon. Fingers crossed.

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  1. It's great when one's beloved is equally good at finding the yellow stickered bargains too.

  2. I love that origami. Did you find the instructions online?


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