Sunday, 27 October 2019

A tale about a cupboard

One of DH's closest friends is shortly moving house and is selling off spare furniture etc before the move. One thing he was selling was a lovely pine set of drawers for £30. Gman has needed a new set of drawers in his bedroom for a while so we decided to buy.
Hubby went over this afternoon to pick it up.

When he came home he looked decidedly sheepish. 
Me; What have you done?
Him; Well... they had two matching bedside tables they said we could have for free. I thought it would be nice to have matching furniture, so I said yes.
Me; Okay, fair enough. Great idea.
Him; And then...

Him; friends fiance asked if we'd like this canvas picture she was throwing out. I thought the girls might like it.
Me; It's very pretty, I'm sure they'd love it in their bedroom. 
Him; And then...

Him; ...they offered me a tactical vest. I thought Gman might like it for Halloween and dressing up.
Me; Um... a bit odd but okay...
Him; And then...

Him; ...they asked if I wanted their fish tank.
Me; A fish tank?
Him; Yeah, it's got all the accessories and pumps with it too!
Me; ...Great(!)

That man is never leaving the house unescorted ever again! 

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  1. In 1985 we needed some dining chairs and some were advertised in the local Free Ads Weekly Paper. (no Internet, Facebook marketplace or eBay back then) I went to get them. "the table is included" said the bloke. But I only want the chairs. Sorry, if you don't take the table, you cannot have the chair, he replied. He dismantled it, and I loaded everything into the car. Ten years later, we gave the chairs to friends - but the table is still in use. I love it! Recently there were ten of us round it for a family meal and I realise how much I love it, 33 years after unwillingly acquiring it. Sometimes it is the unexpected "bonus buy" that ends up being the real bargain.

  2. What a haul!
    Gman looks adorable in his tactical vest! x

  3. Sounds like my kind of man. I drool at stuff left outside houses and only wish I was younger with a big van, I'd take the lot whether I needed it or not. lol

  4. wow that's a lot of stuff and at a great price!!


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