Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Organised frugalling

I've gotten into the habit of checking our local Co-op on the school run each afternoon. They tend to mark down their clearance items just before I pass by, especially on the fruit and veg.
Today was a good day for cheap fruit with lots of punnets for £1 or less. I picked up 2 punnets of mixed grapes. One for lunch boxes and one for after school snacking.
For a while now I've been keeping a small stash of lidded pots in my handbag. The cheap poundshop type that stack inside one another. They take up very little room and weigh almost nothing, but they are invaluable. 
Especially when i need to split a bargain punnet of grapes on the go! Trying to get four children to share fairly on the walk home is almost impossible. Not even worth trying.
4 tiny pots are a complete lifesaver.

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  1. did your children enjoy their scary chocolate lollies ?!


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