Saturday, 26 October 2019

Day one of half term

We woke up early today, still running on school routine time. The weather looked its usual grey and miserable self. This Autumn has just been such a damp and soggy season for us in the UK.
We decided to brave the rain and head into town anyway. It was only light pathetic drizzle when we left so not to bad.

We went to the library for free halloween crafts first. They also had a lego table set up so we spent a few happy hours building and creating. Todays crafts were spider hats, paper pumpkin and colouring sheets. 
When we started feeling peckish we went to Tesco for a packet of sausage rolls and a free piece of fruit for the children. I noticed all four of them eyeing up the candy apples which are an eye watering £1.50 each. Tonights job will be looking for tips on Pinterest on how to make my own!
  After eating we walked past the toy shop who were holding a demonstration day. The shop was packed to the rafters so we didn't visit. 
 We did kill ten minutes in the local museum trying their free Halloween trail, the children each won a lollipop for completing it together. 
 Sadly our walk home wasn't very pleasant thanks to the worsening weather and we weren't in the best of moods when we finally squelched indoors.
  Still i get points for trying right?

 X x X


  1. Well done for getting out in spite of the rain. I've never known such a miserable Autumn. It's usually lovely and bright. Supposed to be better tomorrow.

  2. it's hard trying to take the children out without spending a fortune. They are growing up so fast.....

  3. You get big points from me. I think you are wonderful with the kids. Your time is more important than money when they are young, you won't regret it when they are grown as they will remember all the things you did with them. Mine do and they are nearly as old as me now, lol


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