Friday, 29 December 2017

Birthday cards for 2018

I couldn't resist this beautiful greeting card book from The Works. It was only £4 and came with 24 floral themed cards included.
I've spent a happy afternoon transferring all the birthdays into it and popping in most of the cards from my little stash in my desk. 
The cards in the picture with the yellow envelopes don't fit inside my new book so they are going to a teacher friend who sends cards to all her pupils on their birthdays. 
When the children go back to school I will see if my favourite charity shop has anything tempting in their greeting cards box. They only charge 10-20p per card and if you buy several they will often do you a little deal. 
The Works also sell 10 cards for £1 And Card Factory sell them 7 for £1, so I will be spoilt for choice.
Roll on a more organised 2018!

X x X


  1. That's a great find Sarah. I always scout out cards at my local charity shops too. My favourites are the quirky 1970s cards.

  2. You made a great point here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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