Tuesday 19 December 2017

Finding the beautiful

It's not been the start to the week I was hoping. DD2 is back at school but now DD1 is off. 
A trip to the Dr has revealed a upper respitory infection, so there's not really any treatment. Just rest and over the counter cough medicine. 
Unfortunately the coughing fits are making her retch and on Monday morning she did exactly that in front of a teacher. Any vomiting means they are off school for 48 hours minimum.
She'll be back tomorrow with a note from me to try and stop it repeating. Fingers crossed.

I snapped some beautiful pictures on both of the school runs. It reminded me that there is beautiful things around us each and every day. Even if life does feel like a huge slog at the moment.

X x X

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  1. Hope everybody is well soon. I love your photos and I agree beauty is all around us and it does lift us up.


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