Thursday 21 December 2017

Perks of being frugal

One of my favourite things about being frugal is knowing I can pounce on a good offer when I spot one. 
For example we pay £10 by DD every week into the "celebration" account. The account covers birthday and Christmas gifts for the year, not just for immediate family but also any parties the girls are invited to or family weddings etc. 
Today we were picking up something in the poundshop when we discovered a whole host of Mr.Men and Little Miss stationary that would suit DD1 perfectly. She enjoys collecting the books and the soft toys. 
We found 6 things in the range that we think she'd enjoy.  A set of felt pens, crayons, colouring pencils, pencil case, notebook and stationary set (pen, ruler, sharpener etc). 
Clever hubby looked them up on Amazon quickly to check they were a good price and found most of the sets priced around £3-4 each!
We snapped them up for £1 each and have added them to the gift cupboard for a March.
I'm really glad we spotted them.

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  1. I saw those yesterday and thought how good value they were. I can recommend the "Frozen" santa sacks - quite big and strong for £1 each.


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