Friday 15 December 2017

It's been a long week...

The two tinys have been suffering a horrible bout of hand, foot and mouth :(
We've not had the pleasure before.
I thought it was chicken pox at first because Gman was the first to show symptoms but then DD2 started and she definitely had chicken pox.
Then while Gman recovered DD2 picked up impetigo and needed antibiotics. All of this has taken a full 7 days. Everyone is tired and grumpy, we've done next to nothing Christmas activity wise other than a few films. 
It's not felt very festive around here at all but hopefully by Monday we will all be rested and healthy once more.

X x X


  1. My 2 little granddaughters got that last Christmas. Unfortunately they passed it to their dad and then onto me. My face was covered plus hands and feet. I'd never heard of it at the time but apparently it's very common in children and spreads like wild fire! Hope you've all recovered.

  2. What a horrible week, Get Well Soon to all your little people

  3. Oh no! Hope you all feel back to full health very soon.

  4. i remember my two having that many years ago , then to cap it all the next week it was house of chickenpox , at least its over before xmas , look after yourself theres nothing more exhausting than poorly little people...except for a poorly male


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