Thursday 1 June 2017

A Carroty sort of a day

First thing this morning I covered the dining table with lining paper. Then I let the kids loose with Duplo and felt tips. We soon had a delightful sea side town being created complete with a palace for King Thistle and a dinosaur enclosure for the towns resident population. 

While all that excitement was going on, I was pottering in the kitchen and experimenting with some new recipes.
I had a packet of 29p carrots in the fridge that I needed to use up, a quick browse on Pinterest found a wealth of recipes to try.
The two that caught my eye most were carrot and corriander fritters, and carrot cake flapjacks. 
Both recipes have turned out nicely and been well received. I did have to answer a lot a question about the 'green stuff' in the fritters. No one is forgetting I fed them stinging nettles anytime soon lol. (For the record it was only after they'd all eaten and id told them the secret ingredient that they went off it lol)

X x x

P.S - still no luck with my machine :(

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