Tuesday 30 May 2017

Booooo :(

My sewing machine is on strike. I'm not quite sure what happened but it won't sew more than 3-4 stitches before tangling itself up into horrendous knots and snapping the thread several times :(
I'm hoping my sewing saviour will visit soon and have a quick look for me (please mum?)
In the meantime I am amusing myself by sewing any large scraps into hexagons for a quilt. Small scraps are turning into diamonds for quilting and teeny tiny leftovers are popped into an envelope for cutting and sticking with the children. 

I've just been offered a very sweet toddler quilt cover by a dear friend. It has the cutest hedgehog print on it! I need my machine back. Stat!

X x x


  1. Strip it down and give it a clean, that might help.

  2. If it is tangling on the bottom, it is possibly the top thread. Re thread the machine, as it may have come out of the takeup leaver, or not be sitting in the tension disk properly. Good luck. Barb

  3. If you haven't already done this... Take out the bobbin, and pull out any stray threads (I use a pair of tweezers) take off the main spool of cotton. Now wind a fresh bobbin, then carefully rethread the machine. That includes taking out the needle and firmly replacing it.Set to do a basic straight stitch and try to sew a straight line through two layers of regular fabric (eg scrap of polycotton) if it tangles again, wait for mum! But often just setting up your machine from scratch will solve the problem. The most trivial thing like a needle slightly loose, or bobbin badly wound can throw everything out. A fresh start checking every step often sorts it all out. Hope you are happily stitching again soon!

    1. I agree with Angela, unthreading and cleaning, new needle and re thread. Nearly always works.

  4. When that happened to me I eventually solved it by changing the thread. My machine just didn't like that particular reel!


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