Wednesday 7 June 2017

Mummy, why are you crying?

Because I couldn't say no to a bargain!

5kg of onions for 50p! Guess what is being sneaked into every dinner, snack, dessert etc for the forseeable future. 
If they start refusing to eat them I will threaten them with more stinging nettles!

X x X


  1. How about turning some into Onion relish, Onion and Garlic jelly. Can be used in savoury dishes such as sausage rolls, in gravies, with cheese and biscuits. Onion soup for freezing. Bargain at 50p Well done. Don't overdo the onions on the kidlets though they never forget.


  2. Now the weight has gone up for all. Need to manage:)

  3. You can always make onion jam with them - NOT for toast, but as a chutney -and also it is BRILLIANT for stirring into casseroles to add a punchy bit of flavour. That way you can spread out [bad pun] the amount of onions being sneaked into their meals - and still have the enjoyment through the summer and autumn. Also you could prepare French Onion Soup, and freeze it [but if you are like me, its easier to store jam jars of chutney on a shelf somewhere than to squeeze yet another item into the freezer. But well done you for such resourcefulness and bargain spotting!!


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