Thursday 15 June 2017

All the fun of the Circus

The circus is in town and that clever Hubby of mine obtained some cracking discount vouchers. Just £3 a seat meant that we could all afford to visit the big top and enjoy the show.
We took our own snacks from home to keep costs down. We didn't tell the children so Hubby disappeared during interval for a few minutes and reappeared with them. 

We picked up our tickets the might before we went and arrived in good time. We were rewarded by having the front row in our section. It gave Gman plenty of room to stretch his legs in the aisle when he got restless. 
It was a great show. Both of the girls came home determined to be jugglers and trapeze artists. Lol

For our after school activity today we decided to recreate a little of the Circus at home. Using scrap card, wool and drinking straws we made several colourful performers.

I think they look rather sweet hanging above the dining table. Both the girls are eager to do more things on the circus theme so watch this space for more activities. 

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  1. Great idea with the snacks and your Hubby's wee disappearance at the interval. What a fun family outing!


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