Friday 2 June 2017

Dustbins and Dilemmas

I've reached my plastic bag crisis point. When the 5p bag tax came in I switched over to reusable bags. I now have a fair sized collection of them dotted around the house, buggy and car. But it does mean plastic bags are rarely coming in the house anymore. I've been using bread bags and cereal bags etc for my kitchen/wet rubbish which just about covers what I need after composting and recycling. 
I could start buying in rolls of bags (40 for £1 in poundland) but that feels even worse than reusing a bag from shopping. 
I've consulted a few of my old housekeeping books for research. They all recommended lining the basket with sheets of newspaper. 
Such an obvious solution!
So DH is going to start bringing home the newspapers left at his workplace so we build up a little store of them. He thinks he can easily get 2-3 newspapers per shift at the bookies. Most people only read the racing pages before dumping them onto the table. 
There's other perks to this idea to. Sometimes the papers had vouchers to collect or free gifts, not to mention the cartoon strips, silly horoscopes and crosswords. 

This might actually be one of our better ideas!

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  1. Bring back newspapers for fish and chips! (as long as you don't have to buy them, our regional one which we used to have everyday when we first married is now £1.80 a day - Yikes!)

  2. We get at least 2 big plastic bags every week from the charities. I keep these to line bins. I am trying to make charity donations little and often to one of the 4 shops locally, so I don't need huge bags. But I do still buy a roll of bags for the big kitchen bin, and line the food caddy which comes from the council with compost able liners from wilko. Like you, I use the free newspaper too.


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