Thursday 5 June 2014

Little pick me ups

  It's been one of those ploddy, long, horrid days today. I am still recovering from a nasty head cold, OH is
feeling swamp with shop things, Baby D is teething and DD is panicking about big school. All together it feels like the family is about to implode. The tiniest things are setting everyone off into arguments and stress fits.
 But this afternoon we managed a whole hour of blissful peace. Baby D was napping happily in her pushchair, OH had finally finished his list of phone calls and settled down with a game, and DD and I sneaked out to a local tearoom.
 For a whole hour I sat in the sunshine enjoying a cake and cup of tea, while browsing a lovely book of vintage knitting patterns from the 1950's. DD played in the little playhouse and enjoyed her pink milk and chocolate cupcake.
 And suddenly the world didn't quite seem so bad.  It's amazing how a few moments away from all the bedlam can restore you to a peaceful calm.

 X x X

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  1. An hour out in the teashop was my favourite escape when the kids were little! BTW re spring onions (your earlier post) I found out this year that the green leaves are edible and absolutely delicious thinly sliced and sprinked on the top of egg rice.


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