Wednesday 18 June 2014

An unexpected visitor in the playroom.

 Yesterday morning I came downstairs to start my day as usual, only to find a pigeon flying around the playroom and kitchen!!!! My girlish screams soon woke everyone in the household (and half the county). All the windows had been closed over night and the playroom door has been shut so the only logical explanation is that it fell down the chimney. 
 It can't have been there long as I found hardly any droppings afterwards, and I know there is a nest on the roof somewhere as you can hear chicks cheeping from our bedroom window.

 A quick piece of nifty towel throwing and the beast was captured. After letting the girls have a quick peek at our guest and a few snaps were taken, we released it in the garden. Only to watch it fly in a big arc and go straight back to our roof. Let's hope the poor little thing has learned a lesson about balancing on the chimney.
 I'm pleased to say this morning the playroom was bird free :)

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  1. I am amazed you were able to catch it. We have had them get into our woodstove. We learned through trial and error that if we make the room dark and open the window, as soon as we open the woodstove door, the bird flies straight for the window. We also learned to put wire mess around the top of our chimney....the result, no more birds getting trapped in woodstove :)

  2. Haha, we've had the same thing only there's a gas fire at the end of our chimney (it's a flue really) and the bird was trapped behind it - DS had to hack away the plaster below the fire to get it out!

  3. Just to let you know I also had the same problem, it was trapped behind the fake coal fire which we don't use and the top is open so I had to shine a torch though the top, it eventually landed on the rim and I had to shove my hands up and around its body and pull him out. Very traumatic for the bird and me and my girls.


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