Friday 13 June 2014

Friday Frugallings

 One of the bushes in my front garden has grown in the way of the path. As it is full of flowers at the moment it is also full of bees, making the walk to my front door rather treacherous.

Today I decided enough was enough and hacked off the offending limbs. Not wanting to waste those pretty flowers though cut them off, deleaved them and popped them into my pretty crystal vase. I added a handful of pretty purple flowers that are also growing abundantly in the front garden though I suspect they are actually a weed.
 They look very sweet on my windowsill for now, and didn't cost me a penny.

 I also whipped up a new batch of detangle spray for DD. I reuse the same container each time as it has a Disney Princess on the label and a lovely misty spray that doesn't soak DD's hair. The recipe is simple as one free sachet of hair conditioner to the bottle and top up with water. A good shake later and your done! Easy as pie isn't it?
 (If you haven't got a sachet I would use about 8ml of conditioner from a bottle)

What frugal things have you been up to today?

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  1. The blue flowers make me think you may have a periwinkle which is indeed a thug.


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