Wednesday 4 June 2014

Butter and herbs

 I was lucky enough to nab a pot of cream for 25p this evening at reduction time. I haven't spotted any reduced since the great post Christmas glut. It was a great opportunity to show the girls how butter is made, and how we can turn something we don't need into two things we do.
 D just enjoyed the shaking and swishing.

DD took a lot more interest and asked several questions, including where the cream came from.  Tomorrow we will be making scones with the buttermilk, and of course eating homemade butter and jam on our homemade bread.
I love knowing that everything on the breakfast table was made lovingly by hand.

 And a quick update on my raised bed. The tomatoes, lettuce and pumpkin have come on really nicely. The onions are looking a little sad but hopefully will soon perk up. So far not one slug or snail has been spotted on the plants or evidence of nightly visits. Long may it continue.
 I picked up a pot of basil and a pot of mint at reduction time today for a measly 39p each. I've split them between three pots each for the moment, my next raised bed will be herb based I have decided. Mint sauce is a favourite condiment in this household so there will be plenty of that in my gardening future.

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