Thursday 22 May 2014

Surviving a thunderstorm

As I type we have listening to the overtures of a big thunderstorm.  The weather report said it would arrive this evening, but it would appear no one told the storm that.
So I'm sat in our little video game store with two little girls who are full of beans and a little fearful of the long loud rumbles. And one grumpy husband trying to run a business around us. 
Knowing how to whip up a calm and quiet activity for the girls in this situation saves a huge amount of stress for everyone. Being stuck indoors in a small space can drive a family mad in minutes.
Here's my two secret weapons.

For Baby D it's a simple game.  A handful of paper strips (a cut up flyer in this case) and an empty drink bottle.  She will happily sit for a whole afternoon posting the paper into the bottle and then tipping them out again.

For DD we give her a cardboard box from a recent delivery (if we don't have a box an envelope will also do) and some pens. DD loves imagination play and will happily turn the box into anything from a baby cot to a rocket ship,  narnia wardrobe or treasure chest. 
It might not work for everyone but it works for us.
X x x

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