Thursday 29 May 2014

Shabby Chic bag - Tutorial link

 The wonderful Tanya over on Larger Family Life recently shared a fab tutorial for a reversable shabby chic bag. Feeling inspired and surrounded by some fabric scraps I took the plunge and had a go.
 My bag differs slightly from the instructions given as I had to hand-stitch it, so I opted to tack the centers of the squares together rather than stitch the full X shape. I also omitted the strap due to lack of fabric and used the left over strip from some horrible net curtains I cut up a while back.
 The pale squares are from an old pillowcase, the blue squares are from a stained Laura Ashley skirt I was given, the inside fabric is the beige check curtains from DD's room. I needed nothing new to make it and it took me just over a week of sewing in the evening which isn't bad for me.

 Currently it's being used as a peg bag as it's just the right size and length to keep the laundry pegs handy.

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  1. Thats pretty, just shows what you can make from scraps - labour of love! ginnyknit

  2. Love that you tried this out and by hand too! It looks fantastic! xx


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