Sunday 25 May 2014

Early Morning

It's not often a wife doesn't mind being kicked out of the marital bed by two younger women,  but in this case I will let it slide. 
I went to bed last night about 7pm due a horrid head cold I've picked up from somewhere.  When DD climbed in with us at 5.30 I was already half awake. I decided to leave the sleepy heads to it and head down stairs for a peaceful coffee.

By 6am I was wide awake and needing some entertainment. So I picked a random film on Sky and started organising my seed drawer. It's been on my to do list for a while.  
I made small packets from a book of sheet music and cut out the pictures from an old seed catalogue destined for the recycle bin. Now I can see at a glance which packet contains which seeds. They look really sweet in my seed drawer all together. 
 Not bad for a mornings work. 


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  1. Its not often I'm awake before DS but I love sneaking downstairs for a quiet cup of tea. Just to sit and think about the day before you is lovely xx


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