Monday 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday with the Randoms

Its been a hectic morning for the Randoms today. I ccan't believe quite how much we've managed to get done.
 Our poor old car has broken down so the next few weeks need to be super frugal while we save up sone funds to replace it.
 I've made an inventory of food from the freezer and cupboards so we can reduce our food bills this month as much as possible.  While digging around I discovered half a jar of popping corn. We made it on the hob together for snack time,  the girls were fascinated with watching it pop.

After snack time I did a few little jobs in the garden. This included tepotting a blackcurrant bush with DD from the 99p shop. Hopefully we can find some top soil soon and get it into a more permanent home for the future. Blackcurrent squash a huge ofavourite in this household so I'm hoping in a few years we can start picking a few handfuls of our own.

After all our gardening had used up some physical energy, DD and I sat down and used up some mental energy. I picked up some workbooks on a recent visit to the 99p shop. This month we are focussing on the  letters of the alphabet.  DD is getting really good at the common letters but still struggles with unusual ones like q and k.

And finally a little update on my prayer plant which has recovered nicely since we bouht it. Now in its new pot and getting plenty of sun its really cone on nicely. As you can see from the photo it now curls its leaves up properly and everything.  Definitely a bargain for £1!

 X x x

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