Saturday 22 June 2013

Why I'm the bestest SIL evers

  I am officially a bestest SIL - or I will be. Hubby's youngest sister has a birthday in August and an obsession with Katie Price. Yesterday I spotted some posters up in town advertising a book signing last night in our local shopping centre for Katie Price signing her latest book.
After a fairly reasonable 90minutes I finally neared the head of the cue. By this point I had learnt much from the couple of girls in front of me by overhearing their conversations. I now know the pros and cons of sunbeds vs spray tan and the difference between acrylic and shellac nails.
  When I actually got there she didn't even look up to see what I looked like, just copied the message from the post it note inside the book and muttered a quick "thanks". To be honest I wasn't really bothered but I think if I was a fan I'd have found it rude.

 And Voila! One cool birthday present ready to make me the bestest SIL ever.  Plus I can knock "attend a book signing" off my bucket list as well.

x x x


  1. I went to a Gok Wan book signing and he was lovely, spent ages talking to everybody.

  2. You are truly a caring SIL!! My auntie Peggy is a massive Delia Smith fan, and DS came to our local Christian bookshop shop to sign her Advent book back in the 80s. I was breastfeeding new baby, but friend said if I looked after HER toddler she'd get me a book signed for aunt's birthday. She LOST the note- so now the book saying 'love to ANGELA from Delia' is MINE cos I couldnt give it to my aunt!!!!
    blessings x
    ps - are you going for acrylic or shellac nails then??


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