Tuesday 18 June 2013

Crafty success

Did you know the Summer of Colour is upon us once more? It started while I was away so I have been playing catch up. While I was running some errands yesterday for the shop I popped into Hobbycraft with idea of treating myself to some watercolour paints. I've had a hankering to paint again lately.
 Well Hobbycraft had a sale on, and in the 50p bin were several sheets of felt, in last weeks colours! Something in my head clicked that they would make a lovely little teddy bear so....
 ... here he is. My entry for SOC week 1. Do you like him? He is my very first teddy bear and I am so proud of myself, I am currently working on a larger bear as well for DD's Christmas present  and I hope to reveal it to you all soon.

 X x X

P.S - I will try and get a better photo of the bear in the daylight when I can get him back from DD lol


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