Thursday 20 June 2013

Frugal Frames

  If you are a Pintrester or a blog wanderer like me you will have noticed that frame arrangements are all the rage. No longer are they placed in sad singles and pairs around the room but actually becoming a statement piece themselves.
 I really like the arrangement in the photo above, with all the frames overlapping each other. And me being me, I decided to try it.

After browsing on Argos and Wilkinsons websites for inspiration I decided on what sizes and styles I wanted my frames to be. But at £9 for a 16x20 frame alone it wasn't a very frugal option for me. So instead I went to one of my favourite places in the world, the church charity shop.
 I found the largest frame above first and had a lovely conversation with one of the volunteers about what I was planning to do. She really got into it and disappeared in that strange and mystical "backroom" all charity shops seem to have. After 10 minutes of searching, arranging and rearranging we came up the five frames above.
 And because "nobody buys old frames and pictures anymore" they were just 50p each. £2.50 for the lot? Bargain!
 A quick visit to Hobbycraft for some mounts (I wanted them to match) and £9 later I was ready to get started. Stripping the old pictures out, giving them a good clean with some vinegar and newspaper, popping in the mounts and Voila! One art frame arrangement for a tasty £11.50.
 My next job is picking out which photos to get printed up for them, so I'm off now to roam the depths of the photo folder. I will let you know what I pick out and do a big reveal of the finished project soon.

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  1. That is such a good idea- I have loads of photos and prints that are unframed because of the cost of frames- you have inspired me!

  2. ooh my daughter made me fabulous pictures for my birthday, and idea frompinterest. she canvas's fromthe £1 shop, painted the edges using brown acrilic paint, and then got free large prints of my favourite pictures, and stuc them on the canvas they look so effective and i have popped them above my bed in my bedroom.

    I use old frames too, or pick them up in sales for pennies, i prefer family pics to prints on my walls


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