Thursday 27 June 2013

999 on Hayling Island

 Hubby and DD checking out an American police car

We're all battling a tummy bug here at the moment. Hubby started us off on Monday night, I started Wednesday night and now DD is looking peaky this morning. Oh the joys!
 So forgive me for going into the past a little and showing you all some snaps from the weekend. Hayling Island hosts a free 999 show every year next to the sea. You can meet local police officers, sit in all the emergency cars and pick up thousands of leaflets about personal safety and home safety. It really is a fascinating day out.

We really enjoyed watching the firemen cutting someone out of a car. It is amazing just how quickly they can remove a roof with the jaws of life. DD wasn't very impressed though. "They broke the car mummy. Naughty firemen!"

Perhaps it's a little early to try interesting the police as an career, but she looked so cute playing with this policeman cutout. Officer Baby reporting for duty.
 One of the police stalls had a free keyring to make. One of the helpers showed you how to do a fingerprint of your thumb and then popped it into a keyring for you to take home and keep. They also put them under a magnifier so you could see your fingerprint really clearly and see what type you had. DD has proudly attached hers to her school bag to show everyone.
 DD made one to, albeit a bit smaller. We have attached hers to her changing bag to, mainly to stop her chewing it lol.
And a trip to Hayling Island wouldn't be complete without a visit to the local arcade! Here is DD playing with a 2p Roulette machine. She really enjoyed trying to guess which color would win next and we even made it slightly educational by prompting her to tell us what all the colours were.

 All in all it was a lovely weekend trip out together. I can't wait till we move there and everything's on my doorstep to enjoy.

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