Sunday 11 September 2011

Busy busy busy

All this horrible weather we've been having was keeping DD (and us) far to cooped up. And we all know that there is nothing quite as bad as a bored cooped up (almost) 2 year old. So we splashed out on a trip our local soft play centre. At £4 a time it's only an occasional treat but on this visit we were given a loyalty card. Every 5th visit is now free making it now an average of £3 a visit. I can these this being a firm favorite this winter as the general consensus it that this year its going to be a bad one.

DD and Mummy (me) playing in the ball pit. At first she wouldn't go near the ball pit bit but once mummy climbed in and should her it was safe and actually pretty fun we couldn't get her out.
My first 2 crocheted winter hats for Japan. I'm currently working on a handful of winter knits to send to a friend in Japan to distribute through their church to those in need.Sadly as its now old news japan and its suffering has been forgotten about by many people.
And finally a little bit of nap time crafting. Take one 2012 diary (£1 on local market) and one bag of foam stickers (ELC) and stick on gems (poundland). And hey presto......... much improved diary for my handbag next year. No way could I stare at the that horrible puppy all winter.

DD approves. She loves trying to pick off the foam shapes and pushing the gems like buttons while singing "beep beep beep". I think I will have to reattach several of them next year but who cares if she's happy.

What have you all been making lately?
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  1. Ooh i love that crafty idea on the diary! I take my little one to soft play too, that way he can crash about without damaging himself (he's currently on the cruising part of learning to walk). Scarlett x


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