Friday 30 September 2011

Barbara Good's Bag

Sorry for the lack of posts for a while. Everything that can go wrong seems to be happening to us here at TFHMH. We lost a relative, have all been suffering from a horrible cold and to top it off I needed to see the emergency dentist :(
But we have to carry on with things don't we!!!
As some of you may know I am utterly obsessed about The Good Life. If I could be anyone I would be Barbara Good, in fact my mum joked that I married my partner because his name was Tom lol.
And thanks to the wonderful invention that is Pinterest my obsession can grow that little bit more. My current challenge is to recreate Barbara Good's bag. You can see it in this photo just behind Tom's hand on the hook. I love the shape, the style and the idea of owning something just like Mrs Goods. The bag above looks like straw/wicker which I am sadly lacking in so mine will be a crochet version. Wish me luck folks, I will post my progress later on.
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  1. That looks like a great project. Are you going to make it in dishcloth cotton [cheap strong and washable] or string?
    I clicked on the picture to see it in detail and realise you get the full shot of Barbara - looking wonderfully Amish-like.
    I too loved the Good Life.

    sorry things been going wobbly at your place - ah the joys of being a Wife!!!!

    blessings x
    blessings x

  2. forgot to add this link which may be of use

  3. Good luck with the bag :)
    Could you please send me your details again, don't seem to have received your e mail for the book giveaway and it's all wrapped and waiting for you :)


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