Tuesday 6 September 2011

Shop but don't drop

Vintage Bird Book 50p - 2 Swarkofski crystal charms 50p - Disney CD 50p - Hot choc sachets x4 £1 - 20 sheets of vintage wrapping paper £1

Today has been horrible weather wise around these parts. If your not being soaked to the bone, you being blown over! I was trying to keep DD out of the worst of it which happily meant hiding in charity shops :) And the best news is that one of my favorite charity shops has just reopened after its August break. Big whoop.
Most of the above will be put away in the present cupboard for Christmas. Except the hot chocolate which is definitely needed on a night like this before snuggling into bed with a good book and a mountain of blankets.
Any crafty ideas for using up the wrapping paper? I might use a little for gifts but I can't help feeling all that paper has some crafty future ahead of it.
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  1. Check out my Thrifty Thursday post tomorrow - it is all about PAPER!! also, please can you email me , as I want to ask a question privately, 'off blog' hanks
    ang [at] revbob [dot] org

    blessings xx


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