Tuesday 14 June 2022

Tuesday's twitterings


We've had quite an exciting day. I dropped off DD2 and DS at school as usual before heading to our usual Tuesday morning group.

This week we made cards for Father's Day. 

After our group we decided to spend ten minutes in the park enjoying the lovely weather. We were just finishing on the swings when an air ambulance started to circle overhead and landed on the grass almost beside us. 

The tiny two were fascinated by it for a good while. I was initially worried that some very ill person was about to be rushed across the park on a stretcher, not something I wanted two young children exposed to, but it was what they call a "Dr Uber" that delivers specially trained medical staff to the scene rather than transporting anyone away from it.

The helicopter was there for a fair with just the pilot who had to tell a lot of people to please stop touching the helicopter.  I can understand many people stopping and watching but the idea of rushing over to take close up pictures and get in the way of people doing important jobs seems a very poor one.  Someone was even asking to take a photograph sat in it! 

After the helicopter excitement there wasn't any time to rub home for lunch before the afternoon school run. We ended up heading into one of our favourite cafes and sharing some banana pancakes. After polishing them off Baby C took a nap and DD3 and I read a book together back in the park under one of the trees. No more helicopters appeared which I think DD3 found disappointing 🤣

Once home I found a quick few minutes to finally give Miss Rabbit her face. It's not perfect but I'm pretty pleased with it over all. Hopefully Baby C will agree on her birthday.

X x X

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