Sunday 12 June 2022

Sunday shenanigans


 DD3 enjoyed today's birthday party. The entire venue was princess themed from the hostess down to the party favours. DD3 has come home full of princess magic and happiness.

Miss E's birthday gift was very well received and we got a lovely message thanking us for it, which I thought was very sweet.

This weekend I have finished making a crochet bunny for DD4's birthday stash. She needs a face embroidered and a little dress made but neither will happen until the house is quieter during the week and I do it uninterrupted. We can't have a bunny with wonky eyes and that's exactly what will happen if I rush it or get distracted 🤣

My current pick-up-put-down project is a simple stripey blanket for DD4. Now she's going to be 2 a lot of her baby blankets are to small for good winter snuggly sleeping so this one will be a little bigger. I'm doing a simple 5 row pattern of whites/creams and pinks. So far it's looking a little ice creamy so I might make some applique ice cream cones to sew on once it's done. I'm sure I can find some patterns on Pinterest somewhere  for free, or make something up on the fly. 

 How was your weekend?

X x X 

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