Wednesday 8 June 2022

Back to routine


We've officially been back to school for 3 whole days and I'm already tired 🤣
This week we have 4 freshly moved PE days (why they have to change EVERY term I don't know!), a school trip, an after school club, a swimming lesson and a September new starters meeting to juggle.
And once we get through all that there's a birthday party on Sunday to squeeze in before church. 

Thanks to the Cost of Living Crisis there is almost nothing in the birthday gift buying budget but we don't let silly old things like money, or a lack of it, get in our way. Quickly to the craft stash!

DD3'S friend Miss E will hopefully enjoy her baking apron at much as Mum and I enjoyed making it.
The main fabric is a simple but durable cotton ticking, a few lengths of ribbon from who knows where and a little floral cotton fabric for the E and the pocket lining. We used a tea towel as a size guide which seems to have done just the job.

Once added to with a fancy paper chef's hat and a fun cupcake kit I think we have a reasonable gift for a little lady on Sunday. 

Wish me luck


  1. that's a lovely gift, very thoughtful x

  2. I don't think you need luck - you are brilliant anyway and that cooks kit looks great.

  3. A lovely, hand made gift is the best thing to receive - it's not just the item, it's the time and effort and love that went into it. Your gift will be more than reasonable, I am sure. xx

  4. That is a lovely gift, I am sure the little recipient will be delighted!

  5. I think that's a fabulous gift - and will probably last longer & be used more than some of the rubbishy plastic tat there is now. Well done for being creative and thrifty. I don't mean that to sound patronising!!

  6. Beautiful gift idea! I admire your creativity, and seeing things like this inspires me to be more creative.

  7. Thanks for sharing the blog so well and I hope you have something new for me to study.


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