Friday, 1 April 2022

Hello Austerity April


 Hello everyone.

  Sorry for the radio silence again. Life just insists on being busy but mostly in good ways. We are all well and happy (most days) which in the grand scheme of things happening  across the world is something we're very grateful for.

  So let's start with a little update on everyone. As always in our house we'll go smallest to biggest.

Baby C is almost 2 already. She is small but fiesty and will happily stand her ground against any sibling that dares to cross her path 🤣. She is currently obsessed with all things doll related and learning new words constantly. 

Miss W- DD3 is almost 4! She is always a happy joyful soul to be around. We're working on getting ready for starting big school in September so lots of encouragement to be independent with dressing etc. She is going through a very creative period at the moment and produces lots of artwork each day. 

Gman- DS - rapidly approaching his 7th birthday. School have identified a few concerns with his learning and started some interventions to help him catch up but he takes it all in his stride. He is currently obsessed with all things mechanical be they toy cars, robots or lego creations he's made. 

Diddy - DD2 - almost in double figures at aged 9 and desperate to grow up. She always does her best to overcome any obstacle be they physical or mental though NEVER in the way I'd expect. I've long given up trying to figure her out and just try to sit back and watch the show. Currently obsessed with all things gaming related mostly Minecraft and Fortnight.

Miss A - DD1 - Newly 12 and not letting me forget she's "practically a teenager now" 🤣. She is learning how to navigate the modern world as a young lady which isn't always an easy thing to do. She has a very sensible head though and we often make time to have a mug of tea together and go over any worries. I'm very proud of the person she is becoming.  Currently obsessed with Tom Hollander, books and YouTube.

 DH and I are doing okay. There's been some difficulties with a neighbour which have taken a lot of time and emotional energy to deal with but we always have each others backs when one of us needs propping up. We are both concerned about what this month may bring to us and our nearest and dearest but we have confidence we will weather the storm okay with a fair few years of frugal living experience to fall back on.

 Times are tough but our family will be tougher 💪 

 X x x


  1. What a lovely update on your family, how did your eldest get to 12 already!

  2. Lovely to see you back I can;t believe how your family is growing up!

  3. I'm so glad you are all ok. Xx

  4. I love an update, thanks. xx

  5. Good to have an update on your growing family :)


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