Saturday, 2 April 2022

Visiting the Zoo



Our first zoo visit of the year! Our season tickets ran out just before Christmas but with half the zoo being closed due to the local avian flu scare we put off our visits for a little while. 

Thanks to all the lockdowns we now have enough in our zoo savings for 2 years of annual passes as we put a little towards it each month.  It means that we are not only able to support a wonderful conservation charity but we always have somewhere to take the children for entertainment. Sometimes when the 4 eldest are all in school, Hubby and I will visit for an hour or so with Baby C and just enjoy some fresh air. 

Hubby also suggested today that if we can't afford heating we can also just go sit in the hot house each afternoon 🤣 

We took a little picnic of sausage rolls, bananas and Crisps along with our own drinks from home costing about £4. Obviously our season tickets cost a fair amount for a family of 7 but a single visit would set us back £120 a time so we only need to make 3 visits in order to make a saving. We usually average between 6 and 10 visits so we soon cover that.

Everyone should sleep nicely tonight after all that lovely fresh air and walking around. I certainly know I will! 🤣

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  1. It must be nice to think that you can go to such a lovely place whenever you like. Enjoy your annual passes.


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