Sunday, 17 April 2022

Happy Easter


 We have has a lovely Easter Sunday here in Frugal HQ. The children have all eaten far to much chocolate than is good for them 🤣 as is the tradition!

We attended a lovely Easter church service in the afternoon at a church we hadn't attended before. It was advertised as an open invitation at our parents and toddlers group so I thought why not. There were some lovely modern hymns and everyone was very welcoming and kind. We managed a few odd looks and eye rolls as the seven of us walked in but the children behaved beautifully. Though Baby C does like to shout Eggs! At random moments today which raised a few giggles.

The children all went on a little egg hunt together with Daddy so I could enjoy the sermon in peace. 

At the end there were lots of hot cross buns to enjoy. 

I'm looking forward to going back next week.

Happy Easter everyone 

X x x

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  1. That sounds perfect. We had granddaughter for a sleepover, and she doesn't usually go to church. But she came with us and enjoyed it. I like the idea of an egg hunt during the sermon! Our chapel is small, usually just 4children. There were labelled bags of Easter goodies for them. But one thoughtful lady brought a box of things (eggs, chicks, little bits and pieces & gift bags) we were able to send Rosie g the-visitor home with a bag of treats. And she was made so welcome. Service had new & old songs, and hot buns after. Church as it should be!


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